Red Brick Energy Competition

Story Highlights

  • The General on the Red Brick Energy Competition
  • How the Competition is Being Measured
  • What To Do
  • Who’s Winning

The General on the Red Brick Energy Competition

Unplugging Power Cords

Red Brick dormitory students are doing things like unplugging power cords when it's not in used to contribute to the Red Bricks Energy Competition.

The Red Brick Energy Competition was started by Green Campus a few years ago to get the red brick dormitories to change their habits through incentive. Each red brick dormitory competes against one another to become the Red Brick Energy Competition champion by being the dorm that uses the less electricity and water. The competition goes is held from January 28, 2011 to February 25, 2011. The dorm that wins the competition gets a pizza/ice cream party and other prizes. They also receive a plaque in recognition of their Green effort.

“The goal of all of this is to try and permanently change behaviors.” – Ravi Sahai, 3rd Year, Mechanical Engineering, RA

How the Competition is Being Measured
Every other day, water levels and electricity usage is recorded per building by the residential advisers of each red brick buildings. With proper conversion, CO2 emissions outputted by students can also be calculated from the usage of electricity and water. Graphs of each building’s weekly usage is then presented online so that freshman students would be able to see how their building is doing within the competition compared to other red brick dorms. So far, Numbers are calculated by CO2 emissions (lbs/day) from the water and electricity usage.

What To Do
Each building is promoting ways to go Green and win the competition.

Copyright zirconicusso

Showering takes up gallons of water. Doing things like "navy showering" will help conserve water. Photo Credits: Zirconicusso

RAs are asking their residents to try and conserve energy by turning off all power when not in use and showering in the dark or “navy showering,” where one would turn off the water when they are soaping. Trinity promotes its residents through the “Do it in the Dark” event.

“I turn off the light in the bathroom every time I see it on and when I leave. I also only charge my computer and phone when I need to, and I try to keep the lights off in my room during the day if I don’t need them. I definitely think that this will help me to continue to save energy after the competition because I am so use to doing these things now.” – Whitney Lockman, 1st Year, Liberal Arts

Who’s Winning
Muir is taking the lead as of February 21, 2011 with a CO2 emission of 2.28 , while Trinity is following closely with 2.86. Sequoia, Fremont, Tenaya, and Santa Lucia follows in corresponding order. For the last two years, Trinity have came out as the winning dormitory.

“Up until a few weeks ago I had disposable cups, plates, bowls, spoons, and stuff, but I went out and bought actual dishes now! I think Santa Lucia does what they can to help, but it’s not on the top of everyone’s minds. I think sometimes a lot of people forget there’s even a competition going on.” – Zara Khan, 1st Year, Biomedical Engineering

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